OSMC/Simple-H IO Board

SKU: oio-0100
OSMC/Simple-H top view
OSMC/Simple-H bottom view

This interface board can be configured to use two popular h-bridges sold by Robot Power.  As indicated by Note 1 of the schematic, a pull resistor setting is required to differentiate between the two types of h-bridge.  Typical optical limit and deadman switching are described in this schematic.


  • OSMC or Simple-H header connectors
  • Jumper to select servo enable pull resistor
  • CAN bus terminator & jumper
  • Limit switch pull resistors & jumpers
  • Molex .1" pitch connectors for CAN bus, incremental optical encoder, limit swtiches, gpio and IRQ pins - all connectors unique to prevent incorrect installation
  • Power sourced from h-bridge
  • Size 3" x 2" x 1.35"
  • RoHS compliant