LMD18200 IO Board

SKU: iol-0100
LMD18200 IO Board - top view
LMD18200 IO Board - bottom view

This interface board uses the popular LMD18200 h-bridge.  An ideal servo drive for DC motors rated up to 3A continuous (6A peak).  A current sense pin allows the ATD circuitry of the servo module to detect high inertial loading or stall.
The DC supply voltage must be 12V or greater to operate the h-bridge and less than 26V to stay within the max Vin limit of the voltage regulator that powers the servo module, encoder and limit switches.  Jumper and user configurable settings are indicated in the schematic.  Typical optical limit and deadman switching are described in this schematic.


  • National Semiconductor LMD18200 3A, 55V H-Bridge (12V min Vin) and heatsink
  • LM2940 1A, 5V LDO Regulator (26V max Vin) and heatsink
  • Socket for current sense resistor (2.7K installed)
  • CAN bus terminator & jumper
  • Limit switch pull resistors & jumpers
  • Molex .1" pitch connectors for CAN bus, incremental optical encoder, limit swtiches, gpio and IRQ pins - all connectors unique to prevent incorrect installation
  • Screw Terminals for power input and h-bridge output
  • Size 3" x 2" x 1.35"
  • RoHS compliant