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Esduino Master Demo

[file] FlscMasterCW.zip
Esduino FLSC Master project built with the Special Edition of CodeWarrior HCS12(X) V5.1

This project is an example embedded master program that controls a single FLSC module + LMD18200 IO board + DC brushed servo motor combination.  The Esduino12 is an inexpensive Arduino-like board sold by Technological Arts based on the Freescale 9S12C32 mcu. The attached zip file is a CodeWarrior IDE project written in the C programming language.  Users are encouraged to use the code as a starting point for their own custom implementation.  Even if the user does not intend to control servo controllers sold on this site the project will be of interest to those who want a non-trivial introduction to the 9S12.  The software is provided as per the MIT license (use any way you wish but the copyright and license portion of the header must not change).

The Esduino was an obvious chioice as my first example embedded master because the integrated CAN peripheral is almost identical to one in the FLSC module mcu and because the hardware comes with the support of Technological Arts.  In addition, the CodeWarrior-SerMon combination is hard to beat because it is free and works very well (my apologies go out to non-Windows users - it seems that most embedded engineering tools run only on Windows).  Note that the Esduino hardware is assumed to include the USB2MCU module for communication with SerMon.

The following pages describeIDE setup, project build, hardware and program details.