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CodeWarrior IDE Setup

The "Special Edition" of the CodeWarrior Development Studio for HCS12(X) Microcontrollers is a download from Freescale that is free of cost for the full flash size of the C32 mcu (Windows OS required).  The IDE is a complete debugging environment that works in combination with various types of debugging hardware as well as with SerMon, the monitor/bootloader firmware that comes preloaded on the Esduino.  No debug pod is necessary.  You can step through each instruction of the program to follow program flow and inspect memory/register values.  The Arduino IDE cannot do this!  Even AVR Studio requires the use of extra hardware for Arduino debugging.

After downloading and installing the "Special Edition" version of CodeWarrior for HCS12(X), download the project archive from the previous page and unzip to any folder (ie: c:\dev).  Inside the "FLSCMasterCW" directory, double click on "flscmaster.mcp" to open the project in the CodeWarrior IDE.  The tree on the left side lists the files of the project.  Double clicking on a file will open it inside the editor window on the right side of the IDE.

Clicking on the "Make" icon will build the project and update the output file that can be uploaded to the Esduino flash memory.  As shown in the image, warnings are displayed but they can be safely ignored for this build.

IDE build image